99.9% of LEx community members are honest brewers/growers/brokers who want to help each other out, do the right thing, and make things right when they occasionally slip up. If there's a problem with your transaction contact the buyer/seller directly to let them know about the issue and ask for help resolving it. Whenever you communicate with other members of the LEx community, please be kind and remember that you are dealing with individuals, just like yourself (that you'll probably run into someday at CBC). We all make the occasional mistake - that's just human nature. Don't forget to rate your experience with each seller. Give praise where it is due and complaints when appropriate - that's how this community works together to drive away the 0.1%. If a member of the LEx community is dishonest or can't play by the rules, it will be immediately apparent by their ratings. Always keep it professional and treat folks the way you'd like them to treat you - you'll never regret it.