What are our fees and how do we make money? It’s really, really simple:

  • We take a small percentage (5%) of every sale. ~2.8% goes to the payment processor, which leaves us only ~2.2% to pay expenses like employing web developers & support staff, hosting, and all of the various services it takes to make this work.
  • Selling hops on The Lupulin Exchange is totally free – there are no fees of any kind. The price you set is exactly what you will make on every pound you sell. If you sell 11 pounds at $10/lb – you will receive exactly $110. If you don’t sell a single pound – you don’t owe us a single dollar. The buyer pays the 5% fee and pays for shipping.
  • The prices listed on The Lupulin Exchange are exactly what Buyers will pay, plus shipping – there are no additional fees. If you see 11 lbs at $10/lb – you will pay exactly $110 (plus shipping). You won’t pay anything else - listed prices already include the 5% fee.