The Lupulin Exchange is currently divided into 2 regions: North America & Europe. The listings you see on depend on where your account is registered.

  • North American buyers can purchase hops from any North American seller. 
  • Buyers located in the United Kingdom (UK) and other European Union (EU) countries can register an account and purchase hops from sellers in the UK. 
  • Most sellers have disabled direct International Shipping due to all of the extra steps required; however...
It is possible to purchase hops for export via a US-based shipping consolidator/freight forwarder. You must handle all customs paperwork and ask us to set up your account for export. Here are the steps to export from the US:
  1. Find a freight consolidator/forwarder who provides you with a US address. (Note: You will have fewer compliance burdens if you are shipping to a consolidator/forwarder in 1 of the 5 states that has no sales tax: New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Delaware.)
  2. Use the consolidator/forwarder's address to register your account. Be sure to use your company's legal name and DBA (if applicable).
  3. Please be aware that import regulations for hops vary from country to county - make sure you know the law and are able to obtain the necessary paperwork before you buy.
  4. Create a support ticket here to ask us to set up your account for export prior to making any purchases. Otherwise, you will run into compliance issues and problems with sales tax exemption certificates.
  5. Complete a Record of Goods Delivered For Shipment Outside the US form when prompted during your 1st checkout (you will only need to do this one time).
  6. Purchase hops and ship to the address from 1 & 2 above.
  7. Unless you are shipping to one of the states listed in #1, you must submit a Bill of Lading (BOL) or other proof of export to this email address each time you export hops. This is a compliance requirement - your account will automatically be disabled if you forget to do this. BOLs must be submitted to the Exemption Certificate Management System via this email address - please do not submit them to the Help Desk.