Yes! The listing page defaults to Leaf & Pellet, so you need to click "Advanced Products" at the top of the page. If the product you want to list isn't already in our system, please create a new support ticket with all of the following information:

  1. Product name, including any ® or ™ (ie Salvo™)
  2. A link to the manufacturer's product data sheet
  3. Is the product variety specific? (ie Yes)
  4. Brand (ie Hopsteiner)
  5. Intended Use: Alpha/Aroma/Dual Purpose (ie Aroma)
  6. Point of Use: Hot Side/Cold Side/Both (ie Hot Side)
  7. Attributes: (ie CO2 extract, Alpha Removed)
  8. Package options, including gross shipping weight (ie 1 kg can, shipping weight with packaging = 2.6 lbs)
  9. If the product is shipped in (ie cases of 6 cans) we need to know all possible configurations & the gross shipping weight for each configuration.

If you aren't the manufacturer of the product, don't guess - that will cause all kinds of problems. Even if you think you know all of the above, it's best to have the manufacturer verify before submitting your request. Better yet, ask the manufacturer to visit this page and submit the request for you.