Before you created your first LEx listing, you opened a WePay merchant account. This is where the proceeds from your complete* sales land - think of it as your wallet. That WePay account belongs to your company - we do not have access to it. The status of your company's WePay account(s) is displayed here. If you're unable to log into your WePay account, you'll need to contact WePay customer support for help.

If you are able to log in to your WePay account, great! From there, you'll be able to see funds from all complete* sales, set up automatic transfers to your checking account (daily, weekly, or monthly), view history, etc. Look for a banner across the top of your Wepay account alerting you of any required next steps.

If your balance isn't fully available (for transfer to your checking account), there are a few possible reasons:

  • You never responded to Wepay's account verification email (status = pending)
  • You never linked a bank account for receiving deposits
  • You never completed federally mandated KYC info
  • You have incomplete* order(s)
  • Your funds are in reserve**

*What does complete mean? Complete means the order was shipped via the label that the buyer paid for during checkout and the hops have actually begun transit (according to carrier tracking scans).

**What does in reserve mean? It's sort of the "trust but verify" approach. Notice that we never promise immediate access to funds; instead, funds are released from reserve (become available for transfer out of your WePay account) 7 days after the order is complete. This is to protect the buyer - we want to make sure you actually shipped what they were expecting. Your reserve limit is determined by how much WePay trusts your company. See Can The Lupulin Exchange speed up WePay's deferrals and/or increase my reserve? for more details on improving your reserve limit.

Once in a blue moon, WePay flags an account for whatever reason (ie they learn of a lien on your business, you have a bunch of chargebacks, someone reports you, etc.) or a seller creates multiple WePay accounts and the wrong one gets linked. If you encounter an order that has been complete for more than 7 days, and you still can't access the proceeds, please double check the status of your wepay account and follow any recommended steps. If that doesn't work, please create a support ticket.