1. First, checkout our guide - Lupulin Exchange Emails 101: How to receive our emails now and forever
  2. Try resending the confirmation email (My Account > Resend Verification Email).
  3. Be sure the check your spam/trash folders for the email.  If you have your mail forwarded to another account, you need to check the spam/trash folders on the original account because emails marked as spam/trash may not forward.
  4. If you still don't receive the email, verify that you created your account on LupulinExchange.com rather than on the LEx Help Desk (where you are now) - these are two very different places with separate logins. 
  5. If you've ruled out 1 & 2 above, it is very likely your email server is rejecting incoming messages from SendGrid - a 3rd party service we use for email. If you create a support ticket, we can provide you with the response from your email server. To solve the issue, you can either have your web admin whitelist SendGrid or you can simply use a different email address (ie Gmail). You can edit your email address on the My Account > Settings > Update Profile, then click Resend Verification Email.