The Lupulin Exchange (LEx) is only a venue. You did not buy hops from or sell hops to LEx. You did business with another member of the LEx community. A sale on LEx is a legally binding contract between buyer & seller (see Terms of Use). Transactions should only be canceled/refunded by mutual consent.

Buyers may cancel orders (break contract) in the event that they've made an erroneous purchase, and sellers may cancel an order if they no longer have the hops or have made an inaccurate listing; however, canceling an order will negatively affect the Reliability score on your public profile & listings. If you wish to cancel an order, you may do so from the order details page unless:

  1. The order has already shipped (or has been marked as processed by the seller or merchant).
  2. The order is dropshipping from the seller's merchant (hops on contract) & the seller has already submitted the Purchase Order to his/her merchant.
  3. The buyer paid via ACH and the payment is still processing. ACH payments can't be reversed until 7 days after payment capture.



  • Never attempt to partially fulfill an order (it's not possible to partially refund multi-piece shipping labels). If an order cannot be fulfilled completely and exactly as specified on the listing/order details page (ie Ship From location, crop year, etc.), it should be canceled by the seller.
  • Never use the buyer's prepaid shipping labels to ship from a location ≠ the storage location listed. Fees apply.
  • It may take several business days for the credit to show on the buyer's credit card/bank account - this out of our hands and depends entirely on how quickly your bank issues you the credit.
  • Refunds for international orders are subject to current exchange rate fluctuations.
  • If you need to cancel an order, it's common courtesy to message the other party an apology & explanation. remember, they will be rating your performance & you are letting them down.