The Lupulin Exchange (LEx) is only a venue. You did not buy hops from or sell hops to LEx. You did business with another member of the LEx community. A sale on LEx is a legally binding contract between buyer & seller (see Terms of Use), and sales can only be canceled/refunded by mutual consent. To cancel & refund a sale all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Buyer or Seller submits a cancellation/refund request via email to with the following:
    • Subject = Cancellation Request - [your order #]
    • Other party (Seller or Buyer) must be Cc'd on email (email addresses can be found on the order receipt)
    • Copy & paste the following into the email body and fill in the blanks:
My Name: [your name]
Company Name: [your company]
Order #: [order #]
I, [your name], and [other party's name] have both reviewed the LEx Order Cancellation & Refund Policy and have mutually agreed to cancel this order. [other party's name] will reply to confirm consent within 72 hours to begin the refund process. This order needs to be cancelled because [reason for cancellation/refund request].


  • Attempt to resolve the issue prior to requesting cancellation.
  • No buyer/seller is obligated to cancel an order simply because the other party requests to do so (see Terms of Use).
  • Never submit a cancellation request unless you've already contacted the buyer/seller and they have agreed to your request.
  • If the other party replies to confirm consent of cancellation within 72 hours, we will initiate the refund.
  • It may take several business days for the credit to show on your account - this out of our hands and depends on how quickly your bank issues you the credit.
  • Refunds for international orders are subject to current exchange rate fluctuations. 
  • Incomplete or incorrect cancellation/refund requests will not be processed.
  • Do not submit a request for multiple orders - a separate request is required for each order.