The Lupulin Exchange wants to make sure our emails reach you. We are meticulous about our email hygiene and are very proud of our very high email deliverability rates. Our sender scores are among the industry's best and we strictly adhere to laws (like the CAN-SPAM act) and internet standards (like SPF and DKIM).  

...but we can't guarantee our emails will reach you 100% of the time. Here are some proactive steps (or things to do if you've stopped receiving our emails):

  1. Add our email address to your address book ( 
  2. Star or mark one of our emails as important - this tells your mail provider that "I want these messages"
  3. If you don't receive our email right away - check your spam or junk folder and mark "not spam".  
  4. Whitelist our email address (  
  5. Ask your IT team for help! Some ISPs or mail admins can add rules to always allow all incoming mail from specific senders. Consider reaching out to the postmaster (usually for help
  6. If all else fails - please reach out to us!