If UPS or FedEx has lost or damaged hops that you purchased on The Lupulin Exchange and you paid for insurance during checkout, please carefully follow the 2 steps below to get reimbursed quickly and with minimal hassle:

Step 1 - Understand The Lupulin Exchange Claims Policy:

  • All claims are handled by The Lupulin Exchange, not the seller or the carrier.
  • Prior to filing a claim, any delays or suspected lost packages should be reported to The Lupulin Exchange immediately so we can initiate a package trace. Please do not contact the seller or the carrier.
  • If your order was lost or damaged and your receipt shows that you paid for insurance, you are eligible to file a claim. Claims are ineligible if you unchecked the insurance box during checkout, didn't pay for insurance, and ignored the warning displayed during checkout:
  • To file a claim, the intended receiver must follow the steps below within 30 days of the date the package was shipped.
  • For all approved claims, The Lupulin Exchange will reimburse the buyer (via check) for the full cost of the lost or damaged hops including associated shipping charges and marketplace fees.
  • Legitimate claims for loss or damage are defined as such:
    • Loss: Before filing a claim, be sure you’ve checked all exterior doors and other locations where the package could be placed & notify us immediately so we can initiate a package trace. Loss = a package that still hasn't been located within 7 days of its ETA. Loss claims require proof that the package was actually shipped (ie tracking data from the carrier's website or a receipt from the carrier/drop-off location). Shippers should always ask the carrier to scan each label and/or provide a receipt. Claims will be denied if the carrier's website doesn't show a scan and you don't have a receipt. Claims will be denied if you made changes to the shipment (ie requested a hold, re-route, etc.)
    • Damage: A damage claim can be filed if the hops have been damaged by the carrier during shipment to the extent that they are unusable. “Unusable” is defined as a puncture or tear in the bag that contains the hops due to shipping. Photographic proof of the damage is required in the form of at least two clear pictures of the damage to both the box and bag with the package label visible and readable. The claimant should send at least one image of the entire box/package with the label readable and damage visible and one close-up image of the damage. Additional images may be required to verify damage. If there's no damage to the box but the bag seal failed, that is not a carrier claim. In that case, please send the seller a PM from the order details page and ask them to send you a replacement due to the supplier's failed seal.

Step 2 - Create a new support ticket via the LEx Help Desk with EXACTLY the following information: 

SUBJECT LINE: Claim Request for PO# [order number]

In the How Can We Help? field, enter ALL of the following, in the following numbered format:

  1. Tracking number(s) & carrier. If it's a multi-piece shipment, specify the unique tracking number for the missing/damaged box(es) not just the master tracking number.
  2. Number of packages lost or damaged/total number of packages (ie 1/4)
  3. Reason for claim (lost/damaged)
  4. Dollar amount of claim request (cost of hops + shipping)
  5. Business mailing address (approved claim checks will be sent to this address).
  6. Copy & paste any relevant email communication you've received from the carrier, including a case number; otherwise, enter "N/A"
  7. If there's anything else we should know, enter it here; otherwise, enter "N/A"
  8. If the reason for the claim is damage, please attach at least two clear pictures of the damage; otherwise, enter "N/A". If sending photos, please see “Damage Claims” in the policy described above for instructions.