Hops are shipped by the seller (or their broker) after your payment has cleared. If your payment is still pending see here. The seller (or their broker) has up to 14 days from the moment you checkout to ship the hops. We will send them plenty of reminders, but if they fail to ship within 14 days, the order is automatically canceled and you will receive a full refund. Please note: It may take your bank a couple of days to post the refund, but the refund is sent as soon as you see transaction status = canceled.

Every seller in our community has agreed to our Terms of Use and enters into a legally binding contract with a buyer once any buyer clicks checkout to purchase their listing. Sellers are also reviewed by a peer rating system. The seller's profile is displayed on each listing, where you'll find their reviews/history and average shipping speed.

If you have a question about shipment status or tracking info, be sure to contact the seller.